Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hearing, Attention or too much cake?

When a child with a hearing impairment doesn't seem to be hearing well the first thign most parents do is check the equipment. Is it the microphone, the processor, the cord? Maybe Junior needs a new map.

This week Andrew has been saying 'huh?' quite a bit. When I 'quiz' him he does OK. And if he is sitting on a swing he can seemingly hone in on a private conversation. However, still there is a lot of 'huh' and 'what did you say?' going on around here.

It is much more difficult to figure out what is going on when your child has other needs. So this week we are just trying to ferret all that out. Andrew did have a birthday on Sunday and had oodles of cake. Still, he should be able to hear much of what we say. He has had his implant almost 8 years. You'd think we'd have it all down by now!

I have no answers here other than to say to others with kiddos who have multiple issues...i feel your pain!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Primary Reflex Integration and HANDLE in the HI world

Question for those hearing impaired and Deaf..aided or not.

I am researching for Andrew Primary Reflex Integration (Sally Goddard) and HANDLE as possible therapies for Andrew. Reflux Integration deals with 'integrating the refluxes' that perhaps didn't properly form 'in order' or at the right time. I am wondering, for example, if Andrew could benefit from these as he did not hear for the first year of his life and then had a rapid ramp up from there. On the flip side there are some of you that have never been aided and have no integration problems. (Andrew has multiple issues going on and many sensory difficulties and needs.)

So here i my primary question...have any of you or your children ever had any experience with either of these therapies? Also how many of you (or your children) have sensory integration problems? You can leave a comment or email me at
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