Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Broken Glass

I have read several books, blogs and listened to messages about 'broken glass.'  You know.. how God uses broken glass to shine His light thru.  We are the broken glass.  Yada yada yada....

Today I was going through my journal from August.  I was following along in a "listening to God book" where the author suggested asking God, "what do You think of me?"  His answer, as I discerned it, was "broken glass."  I wrote it down.. I meditated on it.  I think He was telling me that He will 'glue' all the pieces back together seamlessly.

Here is how I pictured it at our starting point.

Purty isn't it??!!!!

Yesterday shortly before  I was pulling roasted broccoli from the oven, I heard a pop.  Thank you JESUS I had not yet opened the oven because THIS is what I found when I opened it this morning.

Ugly ain't it?!  The funny thing is that the timing was not a coincidence.  I had forgotten I had written about the broken glass in August.  I "just happened" to decide to spend this morning looking through my journal from the past month and saw that 'visual' that God had given me.  Yes.. this is the starting point.  It is gross, it is messy.  It isn't clean glass.  There were defects that were in there long before the shattering even occurred.  I just didn't see them.  And THIS is the starting point.  And yet He STILL seamlessly pulls it all together.




Rebecca Burgener said...

Such a good visual! I so yearn for the day when God rebuilds us all.

Lori said...

Well written. Thanks for sharing!

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