Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I Have A Dream....

This week is the 50th anniversary of the Martin Luther King Jr Speech I Have A Dream.  I have been doing some dreaming of my own this week.  I have a dream... that one day..

Healing will be something more expected in the Church.  Faith will grow, healings will flow.  It happened that way in the early church.  It can happen ..and does happen today.. but I pray it is a regular thing.  An extravagant thing.

Disabilities that still exist will not be something that a program has to be built around.  Children, and adults, with disabilities will just be a part of the woodwork.. the framework.. for every day life.

Children with disabilities will not be excluded from a Christian education.  Christians will see that academics are not the only reason to send their child to a private school.   They will see not only the NEED, but the privilege there is when including those with various abilities and disabilities.  (Here is an example of that. Here is another example.)

'Service' within the framework of church and Christian schools would not be an "outside activity" done for "10 hours a month,"   but rather an 'inside the heart' activity and something that is part of their being.. not part of their life.  Churches would not have to think about programs.  There would just be individuals who step up and just 'do.'  Programs would be an outpouring of that.

And.. as a personal note, I have a dream to be part of this.  When I was a kid, I received this book, Somebody Go Bang a Drum.  It is  about a family with one child that adopts many more of various nationalities.   That book has stuck with me.  And perhaps someday, we too will have a home with various different people.  It won't happen the way I thought.. way back when.. but I still have a dream to build a 'family' of some sort that would include a wide range of individuals.  Someday..

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