Saturday, March 30, 2013

Diary of .. Judas...

The second Resurrection Egg are the three coins.  Here is Judas' diary as written by AJ.

diary of judas(the coins)
Dear diary, the pharisees were angry, and I knew why. I remember doing this, but i had no intent to go to the temple and pay the pharisees to kill jesus. I am still watching, and struggling to keep this entry secret. wait. I love jesus. why did I do that? maybe I was possessed or something. i’m not on board with the possession thing though.


Friday, March 29, 2013

Diary of...

Kiddo is doing a 'diary' this year of the Resurrection Eggs.  If you are not familiar they are plastic eggs filled with one part of the Easter Story.  He is only on day 'two' (of twelve) but thought I'd at least post them out as we get them done.  The first entry is written by the disciples that went to get the donkey for Jesus.   He wrote "unknown" because we could not find which disciples went to fetch the donkey.  I was using these as part of our school work to improve punctuation, capitalization and grammar but I've decided to let that slide in order to let the story be told.   (If you are here from the "40 Days of Seeking Him,"  stop back in over the next weeks if you are interested in hearing how the story all turns out.)

diary of ****(unknown)(the donkey)
Dear diary, jesus sent us on a mission to get a donkey. Seriously, he should get one of those horses, like the roman guys do! Ok, so we went to get the donkey. A angry house owner saw us taking the donkey, and I think we would have had gone to the hospital had it not been for my buddy disciple telling him jesus sent us. He calmed down instantly! The donkey is kinda scratchy, so we went to get some cloaks for jesus’s comfort. He is the one and only, after all! You should have seen the crowd! They were so loyal! They waved palm branches and placed branches and cloaks on the ground! However, the oh-so prideful Pharisees did not celebrate. I’d say more if I could, but jesus is flipping tables in the temple and attempting to whip people, and I cant miss action like that.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Resurrection Eggs Story

Kiddo wrote this last year.  It is a beautiful narration of the Easter Story and goes along with Resurrection Eggs.

Once upon a time there was a king.  He was destined to become the king of kings.  People awaited this coming.  When he came on a donkey, they rejoiced him like a hero had come(in fact he is a hero but we’ll get to that later). they laid their clothes and waved palm branches. everybody was happy. well, almost everybody. the Pharisees were mad about this king. each time, they tried to prove jesus was a quack. and each time they failed. this was because jesus knew everything(he even knows your concealed sins. please ask for forgiveness). but one day, a disciple named judas iscariot came to the pharisees temple. He was offered some cash to betray jesus(yup, its true). very sad indeed(but don't worry, good things will come out of it). a while later, jesus and his friends were having dinner(including that betrayer, judas). jesus held up some bread and broke it. “this is my body it will be broken.” then he got some wine. “this is my blood. you shall have it.” what does it mean? you shall find out, my friend…oh! by the way, jesus mentioned somebody betraying him(judas, obviously). that night, jesus went to the garden of  gethsemane. on the way there, peter said: “lord, i will do anything for you, i will even die for you!” but jesus responded, “you will say 3 times that you don't know me before the rooster crows.”(peter may have thought jesus’s brain was grilled. however, jesus was right!) when they got there, jesus prayed while he sweated blood(something that doesn’t usually happen to people). the disciples were in a major struggle to stay awake. but jesus said “wake up and pray for me.” so they did(or at least tried). then… soldiers came! they got jesus! peter counterattacked by slicing a soldiers ear off! but jesus said he shouldn't do it and healed the soldiers ear. they put him in a trial and did cruel mocking. they blindfolded him and whipped him. “if you are really the king of the jews, tell us who is hitting you!” they did many cruel things to this innocent, innocent, man. :(  meanwhile, peter was walking around town. he went to warm himself by the fire. a woman saw him and said: “hey, you're that guy who goes with jesus!” peter blurted, “what!?!?! no i’m not!!! i don't even know jesus!” a man said back, “yes you are! i’ve seen you before!” peter said back, “I AM NOT PETER!!! AND I DONT KNOW JESUS!!! NOW GO AWAY!!!” another man said: “YOU ARE PETER! I CAN PROVE IT!” peter said one last time:”I AM NOT PETER AND I DONT KNOW JESUS!!!!!!” then the rooster crowed. peter had remembered what jesus said and wept. tomorrow, the pharisees told caesar about jesus, but he could not find out any guilty parts. he took jesus to the angry mob and said, “shall i crucify jesus and set barabbas the murderer free? or crucify barabbas and set jesus free?” the crowd did not care that barabbas was a killer. they wanted to crucify jesus. “CRUCIFY JESUS! CRUCIFY JESUS!” and so it was. all friends of jesus mourned. the soldiers beat him cruelly and put a thorny crown on him and jesus was called “king of the jews”. then they nailed him to the cross. they gambled with a die to see who got jesus’s clothes. They also pierced him with spears. a about-to-be-crucified criminal said: “lord, forgive my sins!” another criminal said “forgive me and bless me!” jesus said, “you two shall both be with me.” then jesus said:”i am thirsty.” a soldier gave him a sponge soaked with vinegar. then jesus said:”FATHER, I GIVE YOU MY SOUL!” then he said: “IT IS FINISHED!” then he died! the earth shook! the curtains of the ark of the covenant ripped! a day later, some men come and got jesus’s body. they wrapped it in linen. it was a sad day. they put him in a tomb and put a rock in the entrance. soldiers guarded it. then… a angel came and rolled away the rock! the soldiers fainted. that day, 3 women came to the tomb. to their surprise, the rock was rolled away! jesus’s body was gone! a angel appeared to them and said “DO NOT WORRY. HE HAS RISEN.”(angels have holy voices, so this is why i put on the “caps”.)the women were excited and told the exciting story to the disciples (everybody but judas. according to acts 1:1-10, judas bought a field, but he died and his body bursted open and his intestines poured out[if this makes you feel uncomfortable, i am sorry]). that day, the disciples were having dinner. thomas was not there. then jesus appeared! “PEACE BE WITH YOU.”(holy voice again! :D) the disciples were amazed! later, thomas was dining with them. jesus appeared again! “PEACE BE WITH YOU.”(i like this “holy caps” business! :D) thomas said, “i wont believe it!” jesus replied, “touch my hands and feet.” thomas touched them and he believed that jesus rose! jesus said, “anybody who believes in me will truly be happy.” later, the disciples went with jesus. “the holy spirit shall be with you.” jesus said. then something happened! jesus was lifted to the sky on a cloud and went to his home - heaven! the disciples kept looking up! two angels appeared and said, “why are you staring at the sky? jesus will come back someday.” so you see, its not about the so-called “easter bunny”, its about jesus.  jesus died on the cross to forgive our sins - even the easter bunny’s.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

It isn't about the giving up...

Many people 'give up' stuff for Lent.  TV, Facebook, all types of food food.  (What did people give up before technology?)...  people give up complaining, excuses, criticizing.

I think there are more important questions than what you give up.  Rather it is WHY do you give it up?  And what do you fill it with?  Because giving up complaining for a month is all well and good but well, we shouldn't do that anyway.. right?   Yet still that is not a bad thing to give up in order to build a new habit!!!  (I should probably add the complaining to the fast list for Lent.) And when we get rid of anything we need to fill it with good. This is Biblical.

And it gets down to heart issues I think.  And we must not judge how and why others fast.  It is personal.  There are oodles of scriptures about not judging but the one that comes to mind with food is

The man who eats everything must not look down on him who does not, and the man who does not eat everything must not condemn the man who does, for God has accepted him. Romans 14:3

-------At this point put in a record scratching stop sound effect  in your head.. or play the following------
                                             Go ahead.. play it.

I wrote everything above at the beginning of Lent but I didn't finish the post.  Although I did give up some things, and I'm not doing bad at the GIVING UP,  it is the filling up with other GOOD stuff that is the issue.  Thanks be to GOD that Easter is all about Him.  And in the failure I am finding part of my problem.. of course it can't be done on our own strength.  Each time I obey and succeed I know it is by His effort.  Each time I neglect obeying and fail, I fall on the cross and am thankful for His grace.  Even this,  I am not good at and it is a process for me.  To truly understand that He loves me like crazy.  He wants to help me, to bless me and I need do nothing but obey and receive His love.  And not in that order.  He loves us first... and then we can obey, and love others as He commanded.  I hope I can come out of Lent with a bigger understanding of that.

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