Sunday, December 2, 2012

Cruising the Neighborhood

Traditional traditions don't always work for us.   We have to find our own memories, different fun things to do to make it the holidays significant.  I am going to try blogging often during this month on activities that we do to enjoy the season.

Last night we went searching for lights.  For those that are local (metro Detroit) I thought I'd list out a few places that I have heard of in the area that have 'over the top' decorations.

Here is one that we visited last night that is on Troy St.  It is off Big Beaver and East of Livernois.

One that we visit ever year is in Royal Oak on the corner of Washington and 12 Mile.  Here is a video online that I found of this house.  I think they have a facebook page as well but did not find it.

There is another we haven't seen yet called the Wesner Christmas House.  Here is their facebook page.

And yet another that my sister in law told me about...maybe Siri can help you find it.... is off Utica Rd, near Dodge park.  The street is Irval.

I am doing this as part of a blog group called seeking Him.  What does this have to do with seeking Him?  I think it is about how you make your memories, thinking outside the box, and letting Him in the driver seat.  I hope to find Him more during this season as we work our way toward His birth no matter how we celebrate.


L. Pelletier said...

Thank you! This will surely create memories for our family. The kids love looking at all the decorations. They were excited when I showed them the picture of the home in Troy. Can't wait to see their faces when we actually drive to see the house in person :-) Thanks so much for doing this!!

walking said...

Thank you to sharing!!!! Maybe I'll finally get around to writing another post, too. The merry-go-round is making my head spin! LOL

Laura O in AK said...

I love to drive around looking at the Christmas lights. I see them as being light against the dark and tie very nicely to the spiritual.

Thanks for sharing and linking up to the 40 Days of Seeking Him meme.

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