Monday, July 25, 2011

Amy's Agenda July 25

Current Mood:  Faith filled.

Outside:  The breeze is divine.  There are over 30 small green grape tomatoes on ONE of my tomato plants.  The others have plenty as well!

Tunes:  I need a new hymn.  One to sing in the shower.  Love Holy Holy Holy but we need variety.  Any suggestions?

Kid is:  Tired.  He only slept 6 1/2 hours last night.  Maybe because it was cooler?  There is quite a bit of time that will be spent on screens today.

A Giggle:

Something New:
A few new recipes on my Settings of Silver blog.  Check it out :)

Blessings:  Thankful today for delicious food on the table....for having energy even though Andrew got up very early today...for numerous answered prayers....  I could go on.

Reading: Magazines for one!  I have them piling up and I really enjoy a few minutes in the backyard (or the bathroom) leafing through a Bon Appetit.  Also reading a Premier Design Jewelry catalog because I went to a was fun.  And I want to have my own party.  Interested?  Let me know.  Considering reading Heaven is for Real. It was suggested by a friend.  I downloaded the first chapter to the Kindle.  Has anyone read it?

Accomplishments:  The first thought that comes to mind here is that anything I have truly accomplished..I give all the glory to God.

Looking forward to:  Mom's night on Tuesday and Bible study on Wednesday.  And a good night's sleep tonight!


Monday, July 18, 2011

Amy's Agenda

Last week I started Amy's Logbook.  I got the idea from Lisa..who did Lisa's Logbook.  It occurred to me that perhaps she thought of Logbook starts with L.  So I will do Amy's Agenda..until I come up with a better name.

Current Mood:  Not quite as peace filled as last week.  I'm a work in progress and apparently the work is a bit of a roller coaster.

Outside:  Last was hot!  This week.. REALLY hot!  And REALLY muggy.  Oppressive.  It's Michigan...I should enjoy it :)


Kid is: Apparently on a roller coaster as well.  Grumpies continue.  Yet today we had an amazing moment where I realized how important positive reinforcement is to him.

A giggle:
This is rough cut but worth a listen!  Funny stuff.

Something new: hmmm..  We have a new ring on the toilet.  It was leaking.

Something yummy:  Aarti's Banh Mi!  (See picture below.)

Blessings:  Well, I am blessed because I have an Abba Father that loves me.   I am blessed to have a husband that loves God, loves me and loves his family.

Reading:  Acts.  I am also reading a book about the life of Paul so trying to read along in the Bible at the same time.

Watching:  Well, I just bought the last episode of Lie To Me.  I liked that show and apparently it is not returning in the fall.  Oh well.  In a few minutes I will turn on Switched at Birth.  It is interesting because one of the girls in the shows is deaf.  We shall see how the hearing impaired / cochlear implant angle turns out...

Working on:  Eating healthier..and less.  

Accomplishments:  Keeping the kitchen and dining room clean..most days..but not right now.

Looking forward to:  Jewelry party tomorrow night.

Pic:  Banh Mi

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Summer Small Group...

For the past 2 years, I have done a small group for women.  Two years ago, it started as part of Beth Moore's Summer Siestas.  Beth is a hoot and a half.  She picks another author's book and then does several videos over the summer to help facilitate the groups and she posts them on her blog.  You can read when we did that two years ago here.  Last year we didn't do that...we did Captivating by Staci and John Eldrige.

This year I was all ready to go back to Beth's Summer Siestas and she was NOT going to do one!!!!  booooo :(  I cried.  But then I just "happened" to spy on my shelf a book by her called To Live is Christ.  I purchased it 2 summers ago and the book itself was published back in 2000.  This fit quite nicely with some other things I have been studying including Jewish culture.  God is good.

This book has DVDs and a study that goes along with it but mostly we are reading, and discussing.   It is a very easy read and yet meaty.

But what I LOVE about these summer sessions is the way God brings women just the right time.   I have a story from last year and you can read that here.  We all have expectations of how things should be... on everything.. and when we give them to God then He can do it exceedingly abundantly.  And I had thoughts on how God would bring together certain people at this first session.  I was pretty sure I knew who would show up and who wouldn't.  God had other plans and put the perfect people right next to each other.

About an hour into conversation, one of the women realized that all last year she was going by the room of the other woman who happens to be a special ed teacher in the public schools.  It was just one small whisper from God on how he brings it all together.  Last year he brought a single gal to our gathering amongst 3 women with young children.  This year he brought a woman whose children are out of the home and she is an empty nester looking forward to what God's plan is next.  I don't know what these connections will end up meaning at the end of the day, but I just love thinking about the possibilities.

When we start out I always feel a bit tentative and scared...will it work out?  will the ladies gel? Why do I concern myself with these things??  (Even if it didn't go well- giving it to God means it isn't up to us anyway.. but I still pray it goes well!)

Other weeks may look different as there are four other women who may join us from time to time. But I was reminded how God truly does about work all things for good!  He knows who needs to be where at what time and if we listen and keep in step with the Spirit, it is good.  Very good.

One last final funny note.  We were discussing that Barnabas was Paul's encourager at the beginning of his ministry.  And so we wondered..what is the plural of Barnabas?  Barnabi?

Monday, July 11, 2011

Amy's Logbook

Trying to get back into the blogging groove.  A friend does Lisa's Logbook... so going to try my own for a few weeks perhaps.

Current Mood:  Peace filled!

Outside:  Hot!  Hopefully today little guy and his teenage buddy will be getting out the super soakers!

Tunes:  Hymns!  Just downloaded a new ap for the ipod touch that gives the lyrics to hymns.  Loving to sing the hymns lately.

Kid is:   Working through some stuff.  He has had the grumpiess a few days.  Not sure what is going on.

A giggle:  Even though the kid is working through some stuff, he still comes out with the greatest stuff.  He cracks me up.

Something new:  This blog post! I have done a logbook before but it has been awhile so I count this as new.  I would love however, those popsicle makers- not the dollar store ones, but the fancy one that you plug in and instantly have a popsicle.  Zoku Quick Pop Makers....  That would be new.

Something yummy: That one is easy..the Magic Shell....home made version.

Blessings:  So many answered prayers lately.  Waiting in expectation for a few more!!!  I know God is good... all the time.

Reading:  To Live is Christ by Beth Moore.  First group meet up tonight!  In the last month I have read The Hiding Place (Corrie TenBoom), The Duggars new book, and Dancing with Max by Emily Colson.  All wonderful reads.  I guess you could say I am in the reading groove and it took the place of blogging for awhile.  I'm good with that :)

Watching:  Food Network Star and other FN shows!  Aarti's Party just started a new season.  Love her show.   Hubby also put a bunch of great Christian speakers on the DVR and looking forward to filling myself with good stuff this week.

Considering:   A camp for kid.  Still looking.  Should you want to create a camp for a week and have my son, please let me know.  I will pay.  Also considering various school options.  If God wants it to happen, the right option will appear.

Working on:  Time with God.  Trying to focus on working on what He wants me to.

Accomplishments:  Doing this blog today.

Looking forward to:  Small group tonight, Kid's mentor coming today, lots of things....

Pic:  (from the garden)

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