Friday, August 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Andrew

Eight years ago today I was lying in intensive was Andrew even though he was a perfect 9 on the apgar. Just precautionary and I'm sure the decision was also made because there was no place for him to go!! So my dear husband toggled between two hospital rooms and going a bit nutty I am sure. Since then so much has happened....he had a newborn hearing screen and failed. But "it was probably just water in the ears." So since then, we've had a cochlear implant, realized there was 'other stuff,' done hours of hearing rehab, physical rehab, occupational rehab and each year has been a bit of a drain. But.... i feel this is the first year I have really enjoyed my little buddy. And this is all because I have worked where he is at versus where I want him to be. I've worked in God's timing...not mine. Read below for some accomplishments in language, development and relationships!

Just today, we walked down to the gas station to get a paper. We do that often as I have mentioned and I told Andrew he could get a Wonka candy. He can't eat them mind you....he just loves the wrappers. And since we frequent this place the attendant gave him an additional free candy when we said it was Andrew's birthday. Andrew says.."Thanks! That's Out of Control!!!!!" You would have thought he'd won the lottery. I also taught him 'off the hook' on the way home;) Gotta keep a homeschool kid up on the lingo!

My last post was on our trip to a local park. The pictures show Andrew with another little boy Josh. We do not know this boy....Andrew and him just 'hooked up' amongst a hundred kids at the playground. Andrew would run off and Josh would follow him....Josh would run off and Andrew would chase him down. We took a brief 5 minute bathroom break because I felt Andrew needed a mini-chill.... but Josh was actually following us on the way back LOL. They played for an hour! The sad part, in this day and age, is that I felt uncomfortable asking mom for a phone number exchange because it was clear that she was not interested. Andrew was very very broken hearted yelling...get her phone number mom!!!!!!!!! We soothed the open wounds by stopping at MDs for a Star Wars happy meal toy on the way home. Shopping and solves everything;) Well- it doesn't HURT as long as you don't count on it. But he did handle it well. I think we all use distractions when we feel hurt. Andrew was very hurt about a potential lost relationship. That's wonderful.

And since I've taken a bit more relaxed homeschooling approach...meaning shorter focused lesson times aka Charlotte Mason, Andrew has really taken off. Here is a picture an artistic work he did just this morning...100% his work: the cutting, the writing the folding. When he was two years old in early intervention they were trying to get him to cut with scissors. He wasn't ready and he did his mommy. Given time, patience and working in the 'zone' he makes tremendous progress because it is not disheartening! He can actually DO new things!!!

And yesterday we went to The Henry Ford Museum. It is a favorite place even though the open expanse can make it difficult for Andrew to hear. What a great time. The best part was the language exchange between us and between Andrew and a 'guide' in the museum. There was a very specific place Andrew wanted to see in the museum; the mock up of the inside of a plane. He didn't know how to communicate it and I had no idea what he wanted. I told him he could describe it to a guide and she understood Andrew's words but not what he was describing but she suggested we go to the upper level to see all of the exhibits. While walking around upstairs I finally realized what it was he wanted to see! So his language and speech were great and he did not melt down! We just kept figuring out new solutions! It was great. Here is a picture of the cockpit.

Our big party is tomorrow but today the teenage cousins are coming for a sleepover!!! I made cupcakes this morning...with the wrong flour....still gluten free but I used tapioca flour instead of my blend...oops. Tastes great but the texture of a tire. Andrew didn't seem to mind. Will buy King Dons for the cousins this evening. The cake however, made with the correct flour is lovely. Thanks Tammy and Penny. I took a combo of all the recipes LOL! I'll post it later.

thought I'd include a few other pictures from our visit to The Henry Ford Museum. It is a fun place to visit. If you come, I'll be sure to take you there. We saw all the usual stuff and also he sat and listened to a brief presentation by a live person while sitting on Rosa Park's bus. I don't know how much of it he actually understood but he sat and listened. (mostly.) I'm including a picture Andrew took of me. I think he was telling me to 'be a gorilla...." and he was doing the same in some of the other pictures. Fun times!!!


The Glasers said...

The picture he made is fabulous. I remember a couple he did on your other blog. It just shows the power of working in the zone! WOW!

Val said...

so, sounds like a big day at the park...a very sucessful one. Hey, don't worry about that least her kid was interested. It likely had nothing to do w/y'all in particular, some people are just "that way". I had one mom ask me before "I hate to sound like strange, but do you come here often?" then we both died laughing. If she'd asked for my number I'd have been rollin'. But even my kids have a tough time seperating from certain kids at the park. I'm glad he and the other boy clicked, even if you moms did not *grin*

Kris! said...

This is such a "feel good" blog entry--I'm so glad to have read it. It is a marvelous wonder, really, when you take the time to step back and take in the long view of things. It makes you sweat the small stuff a whole lot less.

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