Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Should we work on the autism or the hearing today??

I've started another post 10 times on the various therapies we have done with Andrew for his hearing and also for autism but they were write and I'm sure to read. I thought an example might be better. Today we were doing alphabetizing with a list from Enchanted Learning. What I do with THIS sheet is cut out the half that has 1 thru 10 and then have Andrew cut apart the words I want him to alphabetize. This is SCAFFOLDING so that I he does not have to concentrate on writing. Then there are various routes we could take:

1) Concentrate on listening: With this process, I would assist him in putting the words together by using words only and maybe even covering my mouth. You could also alphabetize words where you are working on listening. bat, pat, scat, rat, wrap, etc.

2) Concentrate on referencing and guided participation: For this I would minimize my words, glance to which word or words might come next and confirm his 'guess' with a nod. I could guide him with my glance for referencing if I want him to glue it on the paper or if I want to do that part.

3) Academic only: Leave him to finish the exercise on his own.

To be honest, I do ALL of these at various times for various subjects. When dealing with multiple issues there is no right/wrong. It varies from day to day.

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