Friday, April 23, 2010

Kelly the Kitchen Kop E-book Reviews

I was given the opportunity to review two e-books from Kelly the Kitchen Kop. These included Real Food Ingredient Guide and Real Food Party Planning Guide. At this time, as indicated on her home page, the Ingredient Guide is $5 and the Party Guide is $8. They can be purchased together for $10

I'm not a nutritionist and I don't play one on TV, but I consider myself pretty well read in the world of healthy eating. However, I learned so many new things in the Real Food Ingredient Guide. The best part of the book is that there is so much information in one neat and tidy little spot. There were some basics such as..which is better, Velveeta or 'real' cheese? But it takes it further to what are the better and best choices. You could literally go down the list and pick one thing to improve on each week...or even every month!

The Ingredient Guide also details what 'organic' means, which oils and fats are healthy, and what the heck GMO's are all about and why we care...and much more. At the end she details 10 tips for eating healthy on a budget. This is a good guide for someone just starting out to eat healthy but also chock full of information for someone who has been at it for awhile.

Of course there is one 'con' to this book. If you like your convenience, packaged and fast foods, this book will not encourage you to continue in that endeavor. But it also doesn't beat you over the head and it offers an avenue to take yourself to better eating.


Now on to the Real Party Planning Guide. I was really looking forward to reading this because, truth be told, when I throw a party, I am ALL about convenience. I do the Costco deli tray run! The thought of whipping up healthy stuff for the family is tough enough- but to do a PARTY??? This book is so helpful for outlining how to do this. I did not get to give this book a 'trial run' and actually have a party but I sure do want to. Kelly outlines the organization of the party from several weeks before up through after the party giving tips along the way on how to plan for the best real food without breaking the bank. Real food is more expensive but there are ways to help keep the costs down. She helps you think through all the details from 'soups to nuts.' How many people, what type of food, other activities, how can you enlist help etc..

The e-book also includes food pictures and recipe links to her website. The recipes have instructions on how to make the food ahead of time, or what to pre-prep to make it simple for the party host. It appears from some of the recipes that Kelly also shops at that is not forbidden! (WHEW!) Many of the recipes had either gluten or casein in them so I would need to adapt when making them but that is not unusual. They did give me ideas on what to serve. In fact one of the recipes for sloppy joes is what I ended up making for Christmas last year. I know..most people make ham...but I was making it easy on myself! There are a bunch of salad and dressing ideas at the end as well that look very tasty. She did not neglect desserts!
These are both super books and an affordable price!

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