Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas Cards

People seem to love them or hate them.  I love them.  They are sent from this house about once every three years and this is the year.  Why do I wait??? Yesterday, as I was putting together our card, I realized that it was an exceptional opportunity to review what has gone well in the year.  Sometimes... it is a little difficult to come up with a thankful heart.  But a year in pictures reminds you of all that is good.  Here are the four pictures that made the cut and a bit of an explanation.

Last year we had the incredible opportunity to fly in a plane with an organization called Wings and Dreams.  It is through Oakland County Parks and Rec and the GENEROUS pilots who donate their time and their planes to give rides to special needs children.  As you can see from Andrew's face, it was a thrill.

Andrew has two favorite buddies and they have fabulous fun on their trampoline in the backyard. I'm still trying to talk the husband into one of these.  But then I would be the one on the trampoline.  (I do have a fun picture of me on this very trampoline but you have to be one of my favorite people to see that picture!)

Andrew also learned to ride a bike this year!  There is an organization called I Can Shine and they have a week INTENSIVE bike training class.  It is genius really.  I highly recommend this program.  It was sponsored here through the Friendship Circle but they are a national organization run out of Ball State (where David Letterman went..)  Andrew can now ride fairly independently on a large road, (he runs off a bit on sidewalks) but needs a push to get started and at the beginning needed a runner.   Andrew is here pictured with his buddy Tony who is a teen who has been helping with Andrew for a number of years.   He is a real blessing to our family and Andrew considers him as a friend that comes to play.  It was a hot August day where I asked him to help me with Andrew and run behind the bike...

Finally, we have Andrew's new waterproof cochlear implant.. the Neptune.  I will admit that he doesn't love it, and he won't wear it, except to hear in the water.  He also won't wear it with the handy dandy clip they have .. he likes his 'listener holder' that is hand made by Aunt Nancy.  The ninja headband is to hold on the headpiece.  But he can HEAR IN THE WATER!!!  #Awesome!  After the new year I am going to try and work on getting him transition to the Neptune on a more regular basis.

As I was doing the card, and this blog post, I realized there were many more incredible days in a year that overall does not seem outstanding so there will be a 'part duex' where you can see more of the highlight reel.

Another thing I do with the Christmas cards I receive is to pray over the people that they are from.  So send me a card and get an extra prayer :)  I am not 100% effective on doing this for every card but it gives me focus on others the way it should be for this season.

I am doing these blogs as part of an advent series to focus on Him.  Click on the button below to see what others are writing.

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Laura O in AK said...

I love the idea of praying over the cards for the senders! I am so far behind on getting cards even ordered to send out that we'll be doing New Year's cards instead of Christmas ones.

Thanks for sharing and linking up to the 40 Days of Seeking Him meme.

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