Tuesday, July 9, 2013

What's Your Wire?

I watched with baited breath as Nik Wallenda crossed the grand canyon.  It was crazy.  And the whole time he focused on Jesus.  I know that's what I'd do if I had that grand expanse below me.

But it got me to thinking.  He focused on Jesus the WHOLE walk.  And during that talk he MOSTLY praised Jesus.  There were times when he did ask for help from God, specifically to calm the winds (which He didn't), but also to just wait for the toughest winds to pass.

And I can't believe almost two weeks later I still haven't seen any references in any of my groups to how this is relates to real life.  I'm sure someone has done a blog or two on it.  But it has been on my head and heart since half way thought his walk over the Grand Canyon.

Here are a few things I noticed....

  • His prayer was mostly praise!!
  • There was a time for rest even on that short walk.  
  • He waited.  
  • He had requests to God along the way (which may or may not have been answered regarding the wind.  I don't really know.. but the wind didn't stop.  That much is for sure.)  But the requesting was the smaller part of the ongoing dialogue.
  • Conditions were not perfect.  But he still walked forward.
  • His pace changed during the walk based on conditions and information.
  • He had human guides helping him.  Mentors.  
  • He told people no. (He said he didn't want to talk to anyone during the walk.)
  • He ran to the finish.

Of course Nik did this seemingly willingly. Although I'm pretty sure God called him to do it or he would not have done it.

Many of us don't have a choice to walk our high wire.  You can read our story (just a small part of it really) here.  But there are many that deal with autism, hearing impairment, other disabilities... .. illness, accidents... divorce...addiction...  infertility.. ..  the list goes on.  Everyone has a wire.

But in all of these high wire acts the answer is really the same.  Keep your eyes on Jesus.  Run the race with perseverance (and that doesn't mean fast.)

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