Friday, August 30, 2013

We've Come A Long Way Baby

We have been working on an RDI objective for over a year and a half.  (I went and checked.  We started in February of 2012.)   Other objectives have been tackled in between but if you have a spectrum kid, you know this is a big one:

Student Objective: Distinguishes between significant and unimportant changes and reacts differently based on the analysis

We have done all sorts of different frameworks for this one but yesterday I was cleaning thru a pile of 'junk' that has been in that pile for probably around a year.  I found these little pieces of paper in there.

One of the first activities that we did in this objective was to talk about changes that already have happened or 'easy' changes.  I included some of my own.  There are also a few in there that were difficult for him but he still handeled them "ok."  I would spotlight.. I have decaf and sometimes regular coffee.  You can put different things in a smoothie.  In winter you wear long sleeves, in summer short.  (This used to be BIG for us.)  I also included FUN things such as, "we can skip work and go to the park."

We also did varying degrees of changes with the same framework.  Stubbing your toe vs. cutting it and needing a bandaid vs. having to go to the hospital for stitches.  Or on the positive end; winning a dollar vs. a thousand vs. a million.

People off wonder about the inner sanctum of RDI work.  There really isn't mystery but you do need a trusted guide.  And our guide took us step by step through this. (She still is.)

Honestly we are not yet done with this one.  We still want to re-arrange the living room even more.  That should be insignificant to him yet it is not.  When we changed where two couches were placed we heard about it for six months.  When the sheet on his bed ripped he didn't want a new one and we heard about that for three months.  But this week we gave him an option to move a futon from one room to another or sell it.  And he has also chosen to sell two gaming systems because he has a replacement for them.

We have come a LONG way BABY!


Idy said...

Tony has commented about how he has grown.

Bright Side of Life said...

Same but different, I love it. :)

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