Thursday, September 24, 2009

Creation Museum. Highlight: CC throughout

We went to the Creation Museum today. First what I loved about it: Ninety five percent of the museum is captioned. Without that, with museum acoustics, it would have been fairly difficult with Andrew. (Read...REALLY difficult.) As we were coming out of a small theater presentation which was captioned, I mentioned my appreciation to one of the staff. She then proceeded to ask which planetarium showing we were planning to attend and that then was captioned as well! Score a BIG one for Creation Museum on that!

Andrew enjoyed the museum. Although a hands on kid, he also very much enjoys his visual sense. Most of the exhibits were a combination of fabulous 'real life' depictions, large visual pictures with information and a running video (closed captioned.) They could do some amazing things with the museum however if they added a hands on component. I could see pounding nails or measuring in Noah's ark, planting or identifying flowers in the Garden of Eden, a telescope and a myriad of other science experiments.

Below is Andrew in front of The Garden of Eden and then on an archeological dig. I apparently missed the signs though most of the museum that said, "Thou Shalt Not Touch." Andrew was touching everything!!! It was actually very well done and quite realistic looking. If we'd been told to stop touching everything it would have been a VERY long day. Thankfully, there were very few people there and no one stopped us.

Each room had running videos and large visual displays explaining the topic. Andrew actually found them quite interesting. He didn't read every word, but they were appealing to the eye and informative. They were written at a level that most could understand. I am not sure of Andrew's reading level but I would say any upper level elementary student would have a fair time reading and understanding, depending on what they had read about Creation in the past.

Here is just a sampling of what we were not allowed to touch. (Smile)

There was a large 'cultural' component to part the museum. There were some exhibits that I did not like the 'tone' of as we'd rather fill Andrew with good than discuss the opposing view. I think these were better suited for a high school (or late middle school) crowd. There is a 'bypass' doorway for littler ones but not sure where that started and began.

After my rant about the dinosaur movie that was shown to a captive audience at the Detroit Zoo while waiting for the train I must tell you that that there is a section where they talk about dinosaurs eating each other as well as a 3-D model. However; I was able to push Andrew past quickly and it wasn't a captive audience. I just say this as a warning because I would appreciate it. The above dino pic was taken at a different place. I could have done without that part and would have appreciated a warning.

The favorite part for Andrew was a gigantic screen with a mini-program on Creation (which was closed captioned.) He also enjoyed the planetarium. This is his biggest smile.

The museum drew it's basis from the Bible and from other factual information. If you don't believe in Genesis, you will either not enjoy the museum or will enjoy critiquing it! If you want additional resources their bookstore is chock full of purchasing opportunities. I come by my faith by faith. I believe there are facts the support my claim but I have seen too much personally in my life and others to not believe in God as our Creator as well as Jesus as my personal Savior. If you put two people in front of me, one arguing Creation or Intelligent Design and the other Evolution, the data would not matter for me. I am sure some folks think that is like going through life with blinders on. But for me, the peace that passes all understanding stands for more than any data anyone could put in front of me.


The Glasers said...

Did the museum live up to your expectations?

Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

I wouldn't say it lived up to my expectations... but it was a good trip nonetheless. Andrew does want to 'return in 2010 for the opening of the Grand Canyon exhibit."

Mark Looy said...

Thank you for the nice words. I wanted to let you know that the Creation Museum is by no means a finished center. It is still relatively new. Over the next year, we will be adding even more child-friendly exhibits, so many in fact that these new attractions will take on the name "The Kneehigh Museum" -- a museum (for children) within a museum! Over the next 5 years, much much more is planned here, as God blesses. Mark, CCO, Creation Museum

Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

Thanks for letting me know Mark. Andrew has told me, "I want to return in 2010 when the new exhibit opens." (He said he read a sign of the 'secret canyon exhibit opening.) It is so wonderful to know you will be adding more hands on kid stuff! I hope you don't have our picture up now as a 'not allowed to enter' for all that we were touching! LOL

And thank you for the homeschool discount!

argsmommy said...

I would love to visit there some day. Thanks for the thorough review! My kids would have been touching everything too. : )


Val said...

very cool stuff, and love that he found your blog! Look at you! And Gage would have been touching everything too as would brook.

Heidi said...

Thanks for sharing your link with me. I enjoyed reading this post and seeing Andrew's big smile. We visited the museum not long after it opened, but I'm hoping to win tickets to be able to visit again soon.

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