Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fall 2009 Report Card

I asked Andrew if he would like a report card and he said yes. I thought I would relay it here with a few additional resources (and notes) listed. The blue italics show what Andrew saw on his 'report card.' I remain ONLY positive in his report card. He struggles with self esteem issues. Even the one 'A-' was met with resistance. I, of course, have more 'critical' reviews written elsewhere. But it is all about progress. Although this is academic primarily in nature, 80% of what we do in the house is character development. We will be formally starting RDI and I look forward to our consultant helping us roll everything into one big package.

You can see our for the first semester of 2009 plan here.

Subject: Math
Grade: A

Andrew has made great progress in this area. He has memorized his addition facts and is working toward the subtraction facts. He can add and regroup very well. He has a working knowledge of weight and length. He continues to work on the subject of time. Andrew needs to continue to build his confidence in the area of math knowing his mommy will guide him.

We spent the term doing most of what I intended. We used Miquon Math for facts, Primary Math for practical subjects and made up our own games as we went along. Andrew does not do well loosing and so the games we played were cooperative. We do work on 'losing' but the time to do so is not during a high stress subject like math. I did not do any living books which was my intention. There is always next term. Andrew does not like math at all but I still feel we need to press on. We do VERY short sessions several times a day.

Subject: Handwriting
Grade: A

Andrew continues to improve on his copywork of lower case letters; especially those that fall below the line such as g, y and j. His attention to the detail of what is presented in his copywork has improved tremendously.

This is another 'non choice' activity for Andrew and I am most proud that he just comes to the table and does it with my guidance. That is worth way more than the actual output of the letters.I did purchase Start Write to help me prepare but have not used it yet. I really figure out on the fly what we will do for copywork. We will be reading the Bible or another book and find a sentence or two to copy. He also likes to see me draw the letters and then do them one by one. Eventually I am sure I will find that software useful.

Subject: Reading
Grade: A

We continue to improve in the area of narration using both fiction (science and social studies) and non-fiction. Andrew has improved in attention, narration, and reading aloud. He has also picked up his books on his own accord to see what happens next.

My favorite book of the term was Teddy's Button. We read the abridged illustrated version. Currently we are reading The Box Car Children. We are working our way through Hero Tales and starting Apologia's Creation book. We also daily read the Egermeier's Story Bible I have actually had some new 'thoughts' about certain Bible passages since starting this version.

Subject: Social Studies and Geography
Grade: A

We are reading Hero Tales to learn about the world around us and those in need. Andrew has voiced some wonderful questions during our lessons.

Andrew has some problems processing these stories. Many of the missionaries will give up everything for Jesus. Since starting allowance for Andrew, he has been a bit too tied to money and he wonders how these people will make a living. We talk about God providing but he also knows that people have to WORK for money. I think it is a tough thought process for a kid!

Subject: Science
Grade: A
Andrew is narrating well the science books we are reading which include books about pants and creation. Next term we plan to do additional experiments.

Subject: Bible
Grade: A+
Andrew knows his Bible well and has an open heart to learn move about God's love. I love Andrew's evangelical spirit.

Subject: Physical Education
Grade: A+
Andrew has learned to ride a scooter and a bike with training wheels. He is improving on asking for help instead of getting frustrated.

We are working with a wonderful PT once a week on Andrew's 'wheel skills.' He is up and down in the 'frustration' department and we have come up against some sensory issues that were not there before. For example, just this week he didn't want to ride his scooter because the handle bars felt funny. In the past they have been just fine. These are real sensory needs and I just don't know what exactly is 'up' in this department. Considering additional biomed treatments last night I went and heard a new biomed doc speak and even he admitted it is like shooting darts at the dartboard. (How's that for comforting...)

Subject: Typing
Grade: A
Andrew is progressing well in Type to Learn. Mom is still three times as fast and this provides incentive to improve.

Subject: Living Skills
Grade: A
Andrew is a master laundry sorter. He hauls heavy loads through the house. He is learning how to organize and has made decisions on areas he wishes to not organize while understanding the consequences.

Andrew's desk is a MESS. We have tried cleaning it on a regular basis but I have to say that I UNDERSTAND. When I clean my desk I can't find anything! So I told him he could do what he wanted and I would help him when requested. We are trying to get into the habit of a clean room but that is a tough one too.

Subject: Social Skills
Grade: A-
Andrew spends two hours in class weekly at homeschool co-op in an extremely challenging listening environment. He is improving on his class participation skills.

(A on this part.) We also spent a week traveling to Ohio which falls into the category of social skills, social studies, science math, listening practice and others. Andrew had a wonderful time learning about Creation at the Creation Museum. We spent two nights in a hotel where we had to become flexible in a variety of situations.


s'me said...

I've suggested control journal to several children like Andrew (or as much as him as they are like each other lol!) and it's really worked to help them keep tidy in the majority of cases. For some it didn't help, but that's the nature of the beast.

Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

Thanks..i heart Flylady;) never really thought to use it for andrew. full disclosure i am a messy. i am trying so hard..but it is a process. thanks for the tip!

argsmommy said...

I've never done a report card for my kids, but now that I've read yours it seems like a great way to encourage and motivate. I'll have to think some more about this... : )

We love Start Write and it is great for creating "on the fly" copywork pages.


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