Monday, November 23, 2009

Hair Washing

Hair washing is torture for many kids with sensory issues. Even Temple Grandin talks about it in Thinking inPictures. A few weeks ago, Lisa from Sensory Critters posed the question on do you deal with hair washing. There were quite a few great answers.

First, Sensory Critters sells a shampoo rinse cup that is curved on one side to help keep the water and soap out of your kiddo's eyes.

You can try organizing your child with sensory activities before taking a bath. These might include wrapping your kiddo in a big towel or some heavy hugs. Chewing on something before or during the bath may help as well. Here are some additional organizing sensory activities.

Some folks have mentioned calming music during a bath. This wouldn't work for us since Andrew doesn't hear during a bath but it is worth a try for some kids. Also aroma therapy might be helpful.

Last night we tried something new. I washed Andrew's hair in the sink! I took off his clothes..since wet clothes upset him, and then put a washcloth on his face. He stood in front of the kitchen sink where I have a nozzle attachment and we made quick work of it. It worked well. He can still do a bath in the tub but we don't have t do the hair washing there.

I also found a 'bath hat' online. It is like a visor so the soap doesn't get in your eyes. I think I used to wear one of these!


Penny said...

I decided that for now, when we are going through difficult hair-washing times, it's easier to take my girl to the salon and let the sweet lady who does our hair wash my girl's hair.

PinkLAM said...

Now it all makes sense!
Ever since I was little I've had sensory issues (which, you could say, are fairly mild). I think they've improved as I've gotten older (still not a big fan of being touched) but I've got some pretty horrific hair-washing memories. I never realized it was related, but nearly every hair-washing would start and end with tears and screaming. It didn't help that I had a mess of curly hair that took forever to wash! Good to know they have things for this nowadays :)

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