Sunday, November 29, 2009

Legend of the Candy Cane and other December Studies

We are doing several lapbooks in December and one is on The Legend of the Candy Cane. You can find the materials here. (It's a free one!) It is a very sweet story tying in the candy cane to the real meaning of Christmas. The first tie in is that if you turn the candy cane upside down it makes the letter J...which stand for Jesus. Andrew says, "It aIso make a letter for Easter...r." I was thinking great... he is tying Easter to rabbits. But no, my little child says, r is for Resurrection. A little whisper from God that he is picking up the good stuff.

There are quite a few wonderful lapbooks on Currclick. Last year we did one on the birth of Jesus and this year we are doing a 'Christmas Traditions' lapbook as well as one on the Salvation Army. I did a quick search and found these current Christmas lapbooks on Currclick. I like the purchased ones because they are all put together. But there are plenty of freebies on the web. Just google the subject + lapbook. It just take a little more time that way.

Lapbooks are wonderful because they are interactive. You can even use them to take a break from the regular routine; 6 weeks of typical curriculum and then a week of lapbook. You don't even need to be a homeschooler to do them! There are tons of preschool lapbooks and a great way to build language. Also if you have a child with special needs whose speech is perhaps delayed you can do lots of language building without having to 'dumb down' to baby activities. I have blogged on several lapbooks we have done and you can find them on the sidebar.

Have a blessed and restful Christmas season.



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