Friday, December 10, 2010

My Kid's Heart

P.S. The fate of the nation is in your hands!

A the army of the Lord!


For the past two years we have participated in Desert Angel's Treats for Troops. It is a great organization that sends Christmas packages to the troops. (And also at other times of the year I think.) Last year we helped put together the packets and also made cards. Above you can see a drawing Andrew did in his Praise and Worship class as well as a card he made. Just love it. Both are on their way..somewhere.. to bless someone defending our nation!


SisterTipster said...

VERY cool!!

Our Village is a Little Different said...

He did a great job on his artwork. We do treats for troops, too.

The Glasers said...

I love his drawings! What a wonderful soldier! (I'm serious--Pamela draws wonderful animals, but her humans are still stick figures . . .)

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