Friday, March 2, 2012

Lent- Giving up stuff

Well I came down with the NASTY flu this week.  Temperature and bed for three days solid.  Still not 100% but compared to earlier in the week, this is a picnic.  So I had to give up a lot of things.
  • school for kiddo (Lets call it a combo of sick days and winter break.)
  • dishes
  • food- both eating and had to toss a ton because I had taken out a bunch from the freezer for the week and then it went to waste.
  • cleaning.
  • hugging and snuggling the kiddo because I really didn't want him to get this.
  • laundry
  • etc...

My incredible husband picked up the slack.   

I know what you are thinking.  This isn't really giving UP something.  Not exactly but I did LEARN that I love to control.  (OK I knew that already but it was demonstrated to me.) Monday and Tuesday there was zero way I could have helped with anything.  And I truly didn't care.  Come Wednesday I started to make little 'suggestions' about things that could be done.  And I realized...did it REALLY matter?  Even if it didn't get done, what would change?

I get stressed when things don't get 'done' or done MY way.  But I gave up my agenda this week partly because I had no choice and later because it really didn't matter!   

It also demonstrated to me how I tend to do it all..when it doesn't all need to be done.  Even the kiddo learned how to make a waffle egg sandwich this week...among other things.  I wonder how many other things he'd do on his own if I just let him.  hmmm.....


Trish @ A House Upon The Rock said...

If we could all learn this lesson, how much we don't control and giving up our desire to control I think, at least I would have a much better perspective on my reliance on Him.

Hope you all get to feeling completely better soon.

The Glasers said...

Someone close to me enjoys control (and I'm not talking about the autistic person in my family). I think it fuels that person's anxiety. I'm not saying you have anxiety. But, it stands the reason that, if you focus on making everything right, you lose the ability to relax.

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