Saturday, March 24, 2012

What is Easter?

I PLANNED on doing more blogging over Lent.  This happened last Lent.  Thank the LORD that God is a God of mercy.  Not even sure I need mercy for not writing in my blog except for the fact that my DESIRE is to be more in tune with God daily...more at peace.  And when I am those things, I sometimes hear from God more about what to write.

Yesterday we had our homeschool co-op.  We are really working with Andrew to not yell out things. I mean, is it OK for a child to say to a man walking on the street with a walker, "Be healed in the name of Jesus."  Maybe.   But what about when it is a four year old at our developmental pediatrician and she is in a wheelchair and her mom is Muslim?  (Yes I have experienced both of these with my son.)  Jesus and the disciples maybe asked before they healed.  I don't know but it is a fine line between quashing his faith and allowing it.  And WHY as adults do we believe that He won't do that?!  My kiddo 100% believed that that man would be healed right then and there.  So why wasn't he?  Kiddo had faith! And how do you explain that to him?  I have seen this sort of thing happen... so why not then?

So yesterday we were at the homeschool co-op.  (Did I say that already?)  The minute we went in he saw Easter baskets ready to go to those in the inner city.  And he couldn't put his brain around it.  He started yelling.."Easter is not about the bunny and the jelly beans.  You need to put something about the real meaning of Easter in those baskets." (They very well might do that and I told him that.  In addition I told him how doing that service was BEING like Jesus.)  And then that was the theme which he told EVERYONE.

And I held my breath.

At what point do I care about him telling people there is no Easter Bunny.  (Sorry did I ruin it for you?)  I hold no judgement.  But we don't do it. The kid is too literal.  Thankfully he never said that.  He only kept talking about the REAL meaning of Easter which I think is just fine.  But still he reminded me of the guy yelling on the Quad in college telling people about Jesus.

And then in our class he got specific.  He asked everyone ELSE if they knew the meaning.  And they did. But the teacher played along..."jelly beans?"... noooooo....  "bunny?".... nooooooo...  "flowers?" ..partially. (I guess the flowers are OK.)

And then he proceeded to say that NOW when we do something wrong we no longer have to go get our best cow and kill it to get forgiven for our sins.  I wish I would have had on the video camera for this vivid explanation.    

So that is Easter... and faith.. and I guess I am praying for a fresh revival for our family to SEE His miracles more and more daily.  And to recognize the small ones as well.  

As a PS..Although we are working on the appropriateness of yelling out things like this in public, I just went to google 'Easter' for some pictures for this post and maybe we do need to shout more because in ten pages of images I think I saw one cross.  

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bookworm said...

Andrew has heart and faith. Those are precious gifts.

On the healing thing, I think that sometimes God has a greater plan for that person. Sometimes, the larger miracle is the less obvious one: joy in spite of our circumstance, patience born out of adversity, trust when the world sees no reason for it.

If God healed everyone we cared about because we had such great faith, then (1) Would He get the glory? (2) Who would be in control, us or Him? (3) Would we even need Him except when something bad happens? (4) Would we see His power or our faith more?

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