Monday, April 1, 2013

Diary of.. Peter

I's past Easter.. but we are still working up our Resurrection Eggs story.  Going to post one a day.  Perhaps it will keep the Easter message in my mind.   The shape of blood cells at the end is just random thinking.  I love that about my kid.  It says, "hey look!  something shiny."   And who knows WHAT they talked about since the disciples were together all day every day.  And I am sure they didn't know the gravity of the time they were about to enter.  

diary of peter(the cup)
Dear diary, we had a supper. Jesus said this one would be the last one, but i’m pretty skeptical. And he freaked us all out saying one of us would betray us. I know I wouldn't! Jesus said judas was the one, then told him to “go do his work”.  Jesus gave us some bread and said it was his body, and it shall be broken. I understand both jesus and bread are good, but bread?!?! he also gave us wine, saying it was his blood. Jesus isn't crazy, but he spoke like it. In a little bit, we’re going to go to to gethsemane in the mountain of olives. and on the way there, i’m going to argue with james about what shape blood looks like really small(i’m pretty sure they look like T’s.)


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