Thursday, July 31, 2008






This one!!! For Babo's description see below it contains idioms!

I am planning a future blog where Andrew and I put together our lemonade stand. It was an excellent guided participation venture and I did catch it all on video. But for now I will upload a few pictures. There were quite a few customers at Grandpa's garage sale. And we learned a few lessons to boot- not to mention the language opportunities!!

Favorite quote: "This isn't fun, but it's exciting." When I pressed him he said, "It's hhhaaarrrddd work but I'm earning money." With his profits, he bought a new ugly doll- Babo. Mom and dad had to a chip in a bit extra.

I put Andrew in charge of the money and I poured the lemonade. This worked out very well. He was able to figure out how much for two people, how to make change and he learned about tips. Just yesterday we were at the mall and went for french fries at the food court. (a small feat and blogworthy event as well.) He wondered what a tip jar was and today he received a 95 cent tip!

He learned to be nice to all garage sale customers- even the crotchety old ones that wouldn't look us in the eye. After being a tad of a 'hard sell' he yelled at the second one, "HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!!"

Another 'tip' a friend gave me to make it even simpler for those that don't understand the value of money- just charge 'a coin' and then the customer can decide what they will give.

Babo Description:
Babo is best friends with Wage...and the cookie jar. But once he gets to know you and the kinds of snacks you keep around the house...he will focus mostly on the snacks! We all know Babo's got your back, and he will stick up for you when the chips are down...unless it's potato chips. If those are down, it's time to get over to the store and pick some up. Why does Babo seem smaller? He's just too far away from you! When you guys hug, he'll seem to be a lot bigger.


Val said...

Oh, this gives me ideas! This would be great imaginitive play which my kids really need. We wouldn't have any customers in the middle of nowhere but if I set this up outside and used it as pretend only, could be great for listening/learning.
Will let ya know how we do, won't be near as good as your stand!

The Glasers said...

That is the most attractive and imaginative lemonade stand I have ever seen! WOW!!

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