Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thoughtful Thursday

Who said:

Perhaps my sun shines not as yours. The colors that glorify my world...may not correspond exactly with those you delight in; but they are nonetheless color to me. The sun does not shine for my physical eyes,..nor do the trees turn green in the spring; but they have not therefore ceased to exist, any more than the landscape is annihilated when you turn your back to it.

OK I hate guessing games so I will tell you Helen Keller. I am on chapter five of a wonderful book on child development. I will leave you guessing on the book though as I plan to blog on it further. This quote was in the chapter on child development in children with disabilities- specifically blindness, deafness and adhd; not all together. I am depressed and inspired. As I read I realize Andrew has had seemingly insurmountable challenges to overcome. Thankfully God has taken me one day at a time did not give me this information when Andrew was born. I'd have given up!!! The inspiration is that a girl, although she could hear and see at birth, lost much of her early childhood 'in the dark' yet still through a patient and persistent teacher, changed the world.

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