Monday, January 19, 2009

The Inauguration....history...

I have had the news on most of the day and will certainly watch all day tomorrow but I wanted to share one of the most promissing thing I noticed about this presidency...and it's historical impact; Andrew has no idea it is historic! And that is a good thing. A year ago when I was pondering studying MLK day I thought...why? Andrew would no more think that someone with a different skin color is 'different / less capable' than he would someone with blue or green eyes! And he is a very visual child. He will shout out things such as...You're fat! and Go back to China (to someone who is Asian) but it is only an observation and not a judgement. So while we were reading a small book about Barack Obama today, Andrew truly thought that African American thought that his dad was from Africa and his mom from American. (I guess I'm a German Englander?? and DH is Scandinavian so what does that make Andrew????)

There are those that say we need to know history so that we don't repeat it....but I think that the fact that Andrew doesn't even KNOW there IS a special histrorical perspective shows promise in itself. So I am sure we will study history in this area at some point- but now we will just get excited about a fresh start.

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Sydney said...

I totally agree. I have taken the same approach with Noah. While at some point it will be important for them to understand how far humanity has must be done in the proper time and place :) I'm thinking when he's a teenager we can go on an underground railroad trip because I know he's going to need to experience the small spaces to get the sense of danger and what a miracle compassion really is. Rock on.

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