Saturday, January 17, 2009

Lapbooks- Columbus

I started out to write a gigantic blog entry on lapbooks but it was too long. Besides, these are all fall lapbooks and if I do them separately I can re-post them in early fall for everyone to take advantage of them...1 by 1. But if i don't blog them now they won't be done next here you go...Columbus. This was our most simple lapbook that we did in the fall.

I already blogged our 'election' lapbook here. Lapbooks are a GREAT way to organize what we learn and also to practice guided participation. I scaffold for Andrew by pre-cutting only general outlines. I have had to also 'assist' with glue when he is not in a glue mood...but as you can see HERE...he can and does glue. One of the great things about lapbooks is that you cement the information in the brain because you are presenting in in another format and it requires participation.

This first one is a short lapbook on Columbus. I am also going to do an early American Explorer lapbook but that will be long term and we will do 'mini-books' on each explorer to tie the whole subject together.

Most of this lapbook is from printables from Enchanted Learning. This one isn't incredibly academic. As i mentioned we work on both 'academics' and guided participation with lapbooks. You can click for a closer look. The cover has a map of his expedition, a maze and some ship vocabulary.
Why on earth these uploaded sideways is beyond me...tilt your head.

The inside right flap had a dot-to-dot to practice some fine motor and the word search gets some of that in as well. Andrew will do math in a much more agreeable if there is a puzzle involved...thus the 'math ship.

The final flap had some spelling and matching/logic work.

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