Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Yesterday I tried to get Andrew to use a gluestick but there was no-go!! "eeewww...icky....." Well we have 'stuff' happening and so there is some basic schoolin' going on around here but Andrew is finding much to do by himself. Here is is today. He asked for some old magazines and he's cutting and pasting his own little books!!! Praising God. God is good...all the time...all the time....God is good. (sing it!)

I decided to add a ps on here if anyone read to the bottom. After I hit the publish button I realized that this isn't 'unschooling' but rather an accumulation of many years of work. It may seem unschooling to the untrained eye with a 'typical' child, but anyone with a child with sensory issues KNOWS that this is quite an accomplishment! And I'm giving all the glory to God because He chose this particular time to give Andrew an extra measure of independence and peace so that other things could be attended to.

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Anonymous said...

Amy - congratulations. Awesome job. Way to go Andrew - take the bull by the horns boy! You hang in there, you will be AMAZED at what he will come up with left to his own devices. This is something I discovered with Noah when we first exited from the PSS and we just took time off to be together and really establish a learning way of life. Just the other day he asked me "how do they make Orange pop?" so I'm trying to pull together a homeschool tour of Faygo. I'll let you know what I find. How COOL is that though??? I totally hear you, and am praising God with you and FOR YOU!

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