Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Schoolin' with Laffy Taffy and other misc. stuff!

It has been quite a, week, year.. etc. I was in such a (bad) mood this morning until I remembered the incredible Monday we had at a friend's house. Some may not think it was 'incredible'... but I've prayed ...for a very long time... a friend who I jelled with...and who had a child who Andrew could also have as a friend. Not too much pressure Syd..but you and Noah seem to be a fine fit here;) Thank you Jesus. Here are a few pics of the two of them together...then you tell me what you think...

So, once I got out my funk-o-rama today, and knew that yesterday's idea for math (will blog later) would not work today, I went with the flow. We have a valentines party on Friday and were putting Laffy Taffy candies in the Valentines. I decided to make it a lesson out of it on the fly. I found that these are great to:
  • Practice Speech: Say 'huh' if you don't understand what the child has said, or be more specific on sounds you are working on.
  • Practice Listening: You'd be surprised how "open set" jokes are when you listen to them. You really have to pay attention.
  • Practice Geography: Each joke is sent in by a child from a specific state. We found a map and each state.
  • Logic: Many of the jokes require flexible thinking! A great exercise!

I am sure there are many more ways to use them.

Then...Mail time!! Grandma sent a Webkins! What a deal! Grandma knows how to put some really nice proprioceptive (sensory) work ripping it open! There was also some memory work involved because Andrew said.."Not the same card!!!" (Apparently Grandma sent the same Valentines card one year ago!)


Sydney :) said...

Noooo pressure :) You guys are such a gift!!! And way to Andrew - what kind of Webkinz did you get and do I get to give it a hug Saturday???

PS - pictures really do speak 1000 words!!!

The Glasers said...

I am Snoopy dancing because you and Andrew are both finding skin friends! Noah and Andrew looked like two peas in a pod! The Laffy Taffy must have been fun--some of the best ideas come on the fly, don't they?

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