Friday, February 27, 2009

The yearly mud milestone. Happy Spring!

I think every parent of a special needs child has 'yearly checkmarks.' For some reason a good muddy Spring walk is one of ours. Andrew, as with many kids with sensory issues, has major issues with wet clothes. A few years ago, had he gotten wet clothes outside, he would have ripped them off in public. Last year, during an outside Spring walk, he got wet and ran home at warp speed. This year, his pants were just a tad wet and then he dunked a leg. He WALKED back to the van, at which point he stripped! But..there was zero freaking! And...when he got home, the garage door was open and he was going inside in his skibs. He said...'I'm embarassed!" I don't think he WAS actually embarassed as would answer the door naked...but he knew he SHOULD be embarassed and was laughing the whole time! ...Happy Spring!!!


The Glasers said...

How fun! I was still making mud pies when I was ten!:-) Mud is so much fun!

Lisa said...

Not very spring-y today, sadly!

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