Friday, May 1, 2009

Field Trip Friday

We went to Cranbrook Museum where they currently have a traveling dinosaur museum. Andrew made sure when we got there to inform them, "God made the dinosaurs!" (This is not a creation museum.) His buddy Noah went too..and mom Sydney. As you can tell, the boys really enjoy themselves. Andrew's self awareness is really improving as he said, "let's go home mom." The museum is loud for anyone and for Andrew, even though his cochlear implants cuts off the sound, it is still extremly hard for him to hear in there. I'm glad we have a membership so we can take many short trips.

This was the first time Andrew really was interested in the 'angle' experiment where you change the the angles of the paddles and try to get a ping pong ball into the circle. I just love the expression on Andrew's face as he tries to figure it out! I also noticed I shouldn't worry so much about Andrew's manners.... kids cut in on other kids all the time. I know we should still work on it but I have to stop being so hard on myself and Andrew.


Penny said...

I heart Cranbrook!

JamBerry said...

looks like fun!

Connor's Mom said...

Looks like a great time!


The Glasers said...

What a fun day!!!!!!

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