Sunday, December 6, 2009

A First

When you have a child with special needs you are asked time and again to fill out forms that tell your child's firsts. First crawl, first word.... This bugs me because:

  • I can't remember all that.
  • I wasn't organized enough to write it all down. I was too busy doing.
  • The doctors rarely read that information anyway.
But another fact with a special needs child is that you often continue to have firsts. And as they get older, you tend to remember them more. We had a 'first' lasts night. We were listening to the radio (Christmas music station) and Andrew asks, "who was that group?" I told him and he said, "can we buy the album?" (Yes he said album. I found that funny too.) Andrew does like Toby Mac and funny video songs he finds on youtube but has never requested an instrumental group. He has also never really identified certain music as different and then requested it. It was a very cool first moment. Oh..what was it? I put it below.

1 comment:

argsmommy said...

That is a pretty neat first! I love those special moments.

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