Friday, February 26, 2010

"When I Grow Up I Want To Be..." Unit Study Review

I was given the opportunity to review an e-book entitled "When I grow up I want to be..A Firefighter." It is a unit study published by The Old Schoolhouse and is part of an entire series of e-books called...yes you guessed it..."When I grow up I want to be....". The e-books sell independently for $8.95. The set which includes 10 books is $89.50.

Since this is my first review with them, I wanted to tell you a bit of our homeschool philosophy. We are very eclectic and tend toward Charlotte Mason. We often do unit studies so this was right up our alley. The book includes social studies obviously but also plenty of science and some math as well, relating it to fire fighters. Andrew has a hearing impairment as well as adhd, sensory issues and 'other.' We never use anything as planned!

Although I do e-books, I have never had Andrew read them online so I thought this could be an interesting test to see how it might work with him. I didn't really want to print it all out for him as that would add to the cost. There was a section about a firehouse dog as well as a robot....two high interest areas for Andrew so we started there. We didn't do the Q&A but took turns reading the paragraphs and then he narrated what we had read. It actually went fabulous! He is a better e-reader than I am. Hmmm..I wonder why? The ebook format is wonderful for him.

As an added bonus they included finger signing for words such as Firefighter. We signed for the first year of Andrew's life so I thought it would be fun to provide some links to the ASL signs for the words presented in this study. You can find them below.





There are also some worksheets (cross word, fill in the blank) in this unit study that the student can use by themselves. Indeed, if you wished, most of the study could be done in that manner if you have an independent reader as there are questions following most of the sections. There is plenty of copywork included as well...both printing and cursive. You could use the words they present as vocabulary for spelling.

I found this unit study very informative, adaptable and easy to use. It is a very good value especially if you have an 'on line' reader.

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