Saturday, February 27, 2010

Download N Go- Expedition Australia

I was given the opportunity to review Download N Go-Expedition Australia from The Old Schoolhouse. It is a unit study/lapbook e-book that sells for $7.95 and is very much "download and go." The study is suggested to go over 5 days but is very flexible. There are suggested books in the front of the study that you can find at your library. After finding the books, I spent about an hour going through the unit study myself and determining what pages to print and what we were going to do online. Depending on your personality you might not have to spend prep time other than printing a few pages but because I have a special needs student, prep is more important.

Andrew loves books so we started the unit study by reading a couple of the picture books I found at the library to get him interested in Australia. We then did a few items a day from the printed pages while reading the hyper-links suggested in the study. The links were accurate and informative which is something that can't be said of all e-books I have read. There is a combo of 'small size' and full page size written material so you can do a notebook, lapbook or a combination of those.

The unit study of course includes geography. There was a review of the continents and the specific regions of Australia. There were 'counting' pages for the younger learners and also time and temperature pages for the older students where they could compare the their own region to that of "Down Under." There was a very fun section that taught about the language of Australia including words like 'barbie' and 'lollies' and course there were pages on Australian animals including the koala.

We very much enjoyed this unit study and will probably purchase another 'download and go' study from TOS.

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