Thursday, February 25, 2010

The List

A year ago I blogged a "101 things in 1001 days" list. To my surprise, I accomplished a few this past year without even trying. I am going to try and 're-order' the list over the next weeks. Part of the reason for this is that we have to come up with a 'life plan' for RDI so that we are doing things outside of the autism world...for ourselves. It's a foreign concept for me.

Here are some of the 'done' things:

  • Work on the 101 in 1001 days list.
  • Increase Andrew's independence. We are doing this with RDI! It is a long term goal but I see progress already. This will end up in the ongoing category.
  • Meet a Cyberfriend in person. Last summer we met up with Jamberry and crew. It was very fun! I also met Becky in Ohio this summer. That visit didn't end in any pictures but it did end up with us formally doing RDI!

  • Go to Dentist- yearly. My dentist is a no Hg guy. Let me know if you want his number.
  • Get a mammograhm. I decided to get a thermascan instead! Look into it! It was very easy and does not involve radiation.
  • Go to Tawas. We did do that one time last summer.
  • Reconnect with an old friend. Not going to say who it is..but it's done.
  • Find a new breakfast. I have a passion for eggs. I need to at least rotate my foods so we are doing oatmeal or bagels with PB&J
  • Take Andrew to a Tigers game

  • Get downstairs 'visitable' within 10 minutes. You'll have to trust me on this one.
  • Buy Flowers. Well- i bought tulips yesterday. Andrew thought they were secretly monsters. No I am not kidding. I put them in the laundry room. At least they will get some sun there.
  • Clean out email inbox and consider switching providers. We moved from comcast / AT&T to Uverse. Very pleased with it. I didn't need to switch emails but cleaned most of my emails out. Now I just have to keep up with it!
  • Learn how to make my ow gluten free bread that is eatable. I use a mix and my breadmaker but I am pleased with it. Still we don't eat much bread. I also found a suitable substitute in rice tortillas.

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