Saturday, May 15, 2010

Awesome Strawesome

I had the opportunity to review several products from Strawesome. Their website can be found HERE and at the picture above.

To be honest, I had never really thought about the plastic that we drink through every day but we are trying to limit our exposure to toxins so when the idea of glass straws was brought to my attention I thought, why not try?! First some 'fast facts.' The straws are made from borosilicate which is a material discovered in the 1800 and is non-toxic. (Think Pyrex.) They are dishwasher safe, available in a variety of sizes and styles including smoothie and regular; straight and bendy. The prices vary from $6 on up. I really loved my Strawesome straws and will definitely be purchasing some in the future. Here is more on our experience with them.

The 'breakage' / kid factor...

I am writing this first because everyone I know seems to have a child that is 'rough' on things with their teeth. I was rather rough with the straws. I didn't 'try' to break them but I can tell you that I am generally not a 'careful' person when it comes to my dishes and nothing broke. For my son, who chews the heck out of straws, I watched pretty closely. He recently 'rechipped' his tooth on some popcorn so he was a tad skiddish about having it in his mouth but he did try it. I really like the idea of moving to this type of straw for him- if for no other reason that when I run out of straws I don't have to go running to the store to get more! The straws that I would buy for him are between $8 and $13. That is probably about a four month supply of plastic straws. If you are trying to 'sneak' in green smoothies you can get colored straws to hid the color of the smoothie. (We put our smoothies in an opaque glass so you can't really see the color.) If you do break your straw they will replace it for the cost of shipping.

The "special" factor...

I have to say it felt lovely to sit and have my smoothie in a glass with these straws. I gave up my nightly wine awhile ago (didn't agree with me) and I was thinking, what a great before dinner drink! There are some diet philosophies that say the best time to eat fruit is 30-60 minutes before your meal when your stomach is relatively empty. I did that a few nights while making dinner. I munched less and ate a smaller dinner. Yes, I could have done the same thing before but it felt like more of an 'event' instead of slamming down a smoothie.

So...why Strawesome? They list some great ideas here. My favorite is, it is the gift for the person who has everything! These are less than the price of flowers and they last longer! I love the idea of doing this for party favors for weddings and showers. I have some friends that I exchange ornaments with every Christmas. Can I just say, I'd rather have a glass straw than a glass ornament.

I do highly recommend purchasing something from Strawesome. They come in sets as well, and would be a fun way to do 'happy hour' on the back patio while you grill your dinner this summer!

These straws were given to me by Strawesome for my review.

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