Thursday, May 6, 2010 Leslie Schwanbeck

Going thru my old blog.. My sissy wrote this a couple of years ago. Cheers me sweet.

Magnolias in Bloom

Hello there Magnolia,

It’s good to see you again!

I have been missing your flowers,

And have wondered how you’ve been.

You are the best of both worlds,

Being a flower and a tree.

You’re one of the first to bloom

At least the ones I see.

Mississippi named you

The great flower of their state

You come in so many different sizes,

Colors and shapes!

You must be tough

To survive being pollinated by beetles

Not sure if that is better

Then worrying about a bee’s stinging needle

I will enjoy you this warm season,

Watch and smell you bloom and grow.

And I’ll be sure to thank Pierre Magnol

Whose name you’re sure to know.

- Leslie Schwanbeck (c)2008


argsmommy said...

This cheered me up too. : ) My kids gave me a Magnolia tree for mother's day 7 or 8 years ago, and it's really grown. It's one of my favorite things of spring.

Anonymous said...

Wow, reading through that, I totally remember learning about magnolias in order to write that! How fun, thanks for reposting!

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