Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Books books and more books

Several weeks ago I read a blog about books. The blogger stated that she was tossing the board books and not allowing her children to really handle the books unless they were old enough. (I read way too many blogs and don't recall where I read it or I would link it. She is an organizing consultant.) I am laughing because as I write this, my son is adding illustrations to a book on money. But as he does he is reading, absorbing and understanding and I don't have to stand over his shoulder and teach him. Not to mention that he is practicing his fine motor and using his imagination and also completing a form of narration. He respects library books- but one time he spilled something on a book and pages stuck together. We went in and paid for it. He felt so bad but I figured it was basically the 'cost' of doing the library so much. One book out of 500 isn't so bad.

So what about you?? Do you treat your books with kid gloves or love them to the end?


argsmommy said...

No way! My kids have access to books from birth on. After 3 kids, some of the books look like they've been through a war, but I think it's a small price to pay for raising 3 kids who all love to read.

Amie said...

well...board book can be wiped clean,other books can be wrapped in plastic cover (my feeble attempt to make them last longer!).My daughter has access to all the books in the house.We also make experience books from her own photos (birthday books,holiday books etc).I say the best books are the ones that are well read (and scribbled on!)

The Glasers said...

My books are well-worn and rarely meet the standards of Papberbackswap! The condition of our books is downright embarrassing!

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