Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Today's haiku by Andrew Lapain

-The Bone Robber-
Sad Little Doggy.
His bone was stolen by a rat.
Bye-Bye Little bone.

-Broken Toys-
Great. My Toy-Gone.
My Fisherman helmet-Gone.
Don't trust a baby.

-Alive Paintings-
Come alive, paintings.
Mona Lisa- Out. All-Out.
Thanks, magic, blue, wand.

Flash! a blue hulk.
Pop! a yellow Behemoth
My real fear is poop.

(copywrite 2010 Amy Lapain)


Kellie said...

How creative! How did he get started writing poetry? Did you teach him or did he just read poetry and try his own?

Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

I have a few (dozen) poetry books and he just inhales them. He just loves to do it and is very good at it (I think..) Better than I was. Writing prose or poetry..fact or fiction..use to FREAK me out in school. He loves it. Just started doing it on his own.
he started his own blog too:
he started writing adventures on there.

i have posted other poetry of his... i should probably start organizing and tagging that stuff LOL.

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