Saturday, October 2, 2010

Week ?? Update..

Last week we went to Ohio for an RDI appointment. It ate up two days and it was hard to get the momentum going when we got back. We started Enrichment Hub classes on Friday last week. So we had two 'full' days at home. This week started out well but by Tuesday night I felt like doo doo. I still do feel like doo doo. So what do YOU do when you feel like doo doo? There are no substitutes. Here are a few things that have gotten me through the week.

  • My husband has let me take extra naps and taken over. Thanks hubby.
  • Plenty of netflix.
  • Plenty of Wii and DSi.
  • The book stash has gone down. He did lots of handwriting...I don't care that it was in a Captain Underpants Book-O-Fun.

So what about you... as a homeschooling mom, how do you get through YOUR sick weeks especially if you have a child that needs constant direction?


Anonymous said...

Try to remember that this is the beauty of homeschooling..mad libs and drawing and reading favorite books and watching mildly educational all "counts". The carefully laid plans and hopes of early college can wait a few days with zero damage done. I worry about the same things..until I realize, like I did today, that my son read to me for the entire 40 minute car ride home from the grocery store..unprompted, and well enough for me to be interested in the story. So what if he still makes his 3s backwards most days and still struggles with tying his shoes big time..that stuff will come. He LOVES to read. Goal met. I hope you feel better soon!

Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

thanks anonymous :)

Kellie said...

I hope you're feeling better! I wish I had a good answer; we just somehow manage to get through those days - slowly. My kids love to draw and play with clay and legos, so they keep busy. Liberty's Kids DVDs can last all day, if need be. : )

Julie Coney said...

I adore the picture on this post. I look like that bird. Thanks for that. It made me smile!

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