Wednesday, May 11, 2011

GoTrybe- A TOS Review

I had the opportunity to have a subscription to GoTrybe.  It is an online fitness program.

One part of the program is physical fitness.  There are videos where you drag mini-clips into a video line and then you go thru and complete the videos.  They are 'real people' videos.  This worked out OK but there are not many male instructors.  95+% is women and girls.   I didn't do this with Andrew (see the following info on why), but I didn't find any boys in the ones I did.  Some folks said at the next middle school level there were boys and men.    It is difficult to convince a 10 year old boy to work along side a female instructor and a couple of pre-teen girls.  Although not quite 'dance aerobics', it is still girls dancing.  Also, although mostly modestly dressed, some were still in leotard type outfits.   I just didn't really want to do this with Andrew because he is so visual.   Many other folks reviewing this product thought it was just fine.  (Click on the banner below to see their reviews.)  I actually go through magazines that come in the mail for Andrew and rip out pages before I give them to him.  Mostly these are video game magazines but once something gets in his brain it stays there and he is in the stage of 'making comments' about people's appearance.  I also have him pick the 'male' trainer on Wii that tells you a bit about where we are in the thinking on this.

  The videos are not captioned, but I suppose they didn't need to be because you can follow along.  They do talk quite a bit in them though.

There is a nutrition component as well where you answer a daily question and get points to buy virtual prizes for your avatar.  The same is true for a motivation section.  You also do get points for your exercise.

They did have excellent customer service.  I attempted to contact them twice regarding both the boys in the videos and a password issue and they returned my email promptly.

All in all, this was a no-go for us but it could be OK for others especially if you have girls.  The good news is that.....

You can try this program for free for a day to see if you like it.
The cost for the program is regularly $39.95 annually.  However on the F.A.Q. page there was information that you can use the free code for a day and then sign up after the free day for a one year membership of $19.95.  So make sure to use the code if you sign up!

I received a subscription to this free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

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