Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mini-update and Thank You Jesus

Been a rough week here.  I can't imagine how those who are in the worst weather areas are handing it, especially if they have an autistic kid.  Late last week (Thursday maybe?) I sent Andrew to the basement for something.  He was slow in coming up and I heard him say, "Mom.  I think there is something wrong." The basement was flooded... Nothing catastrophic .  But above the ankles and kept refilling and a nuisance.  And tomorrow we are getting a semi major plumbing job to get at the "root" of the problem.  (Tree roots that is.)  Andrew keeps getting upset about his 'stuff' but Thank you Jesus for cousin Jamie who works in construction and has loaned us a heavy duty pump.  And Thank you Jesus for nephew Ryan who has been helping with the clean up.

We also had some wild weather Sunday night and Andrew did 'ok' with the tornado and other weather warnings..but it still makes for a long week.

But sometimes it is the little things.  I went searching for a bathing suit tonight.  I am not sure there is a woman on this planet that enjoys doing that.  Also, Andrew also has a favorite pair of shorts that Mark bought him...last year.  He will only wear that ONE pair.  I wanted a swimsuit (the ones w/ the shorts and tank top) and a pair of the same shorts for Andrew.  I knew Andrew's shorts were from Kohls so I went in and hoped and prayed...for shorts and God willing, a swimsuit.   I turned right to them and found racks of exactly what I wanted.  Two trips to the dressing room and two suits found!!

Then on to the boys section... where I found the EXACT shorts.  And...everything was on sale.  Ok that part isn't a miracle at Kohls.  But I didn't have my Kohls card, and when she put in my info it said "please call."  After she tried calling unsuccessfully, she said, "do you want me to just give you the discount on your regular credit card?" um..yea.

Sometimes it's the little things...

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The Glasers said...

God can work through the little things, even Kohl's!!! Love it!!!

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