Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Outside Fun Lazy Bum....

This week I wrote an email to a 'coach' in the area that works with those on the spectrum.  He is very in tune with RDI philosophy and started training on it at one point.  We had tried soccer a few years back with him and it didn't work but I thought he might have some good ideas or that it might work now.  He said that what they do in soccer isn't really a game (I knew that) and that perhaps a solitary sport such as swimming or karate might be better.  This was very discouraging because if anyone can coach a kid like Andrew, it would be him.  And I want the kid to get more physical exercise.  I want him to have more outside time!!!

This weekend hubby and kiddo were outside playing with a remote control car that Grandma had given him a few years ago.  They were having a great time with it and so I was trying to brainstorm other outside things that don't involve 'sports.'  I asked a few friends and one is an EXPERT at ideas.  So I wanted to put them down here 1) because they are great ideas and good to share and 2) because I will loose them if I don't put them down on 'paper.'

  • model rockets
  • weather equipment
  • sidewalk chalk
  • lemonade stand
  • potato cannons
  • nerf guns
  • water balloon sling
  • watermelon seed spitting
  • pumpkin chunking
  • remote control boats or planes
  • kite flying
  • mime
  • street performing
  • survey taking
  • fund raising
  • door to door evangelism
  • painting
  • weeding
  • nature collections
  • collecting litter
  • fishing
  • stomp rockets
  • croquet
  • horseshoes
  • yard darts
  • frisbee golf

Now get out there and get your vitamin D!  Feel free to leave some comments with more ideas and I will add them to the list!

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