Monday, July 11, 2011

Amy's Logbook

Trying to get back into the blogging groove.  A friend does Lisa's Logbook... so going to try my own for a few weeks perhaps.

Current Mood:  Peace filled!

Outside:  Hot!  Hopefully today little guy and his teenage buddy will be getting out the super soakers!

Tunes:  Hymns!  Just downloaded a new ap for the ipod touch that gives the lyrics to hymns.  Loving to sing the hymns lately.

Kid is:   Working through some stuff.  He has had the grumpiess a few days.  Not sure what is going on.

A giggle:  Even though the kid is working through some stuff, he still comes out with the greatest stuff.  He cracks me up.

Something new:  This blog post! I have done a logbook before but it has been awhile so I count this as new.  I would love however, those popsicle makers- not the dollar store ones, but the fancy one that you plug in and instantly have a popsicle.  Zoku Quick Pop Makers....  That would be new.

Something yummy: That one is easy..the Magic Shell....home made version.

Blessings:  So many answered prayers lately.  Waiting in expectation for a few more!!!  I know God is good... all the time.

Reading:  To Live is Christ by Beth Moore.  First group meet up tonight!  In the last month I have read The Hiding Place (Corrie TenBoom), The Duggars new book, and Dancing with Max by Emily Colson.  All wonderful reads.  I guess you could say I am in the reading groove and it took the place of blogging for awhile.  I'm good with that :)

Watching:  Food Network Star and other FN shows!  Aarti's Party just started a new season.  Love her show.   Hubby also put a bunch of great Christian speakers on the DVR and looking forward to filling myself with good stuff this week.

Considering:   A camp for kid.  Still looking.  Should you want to create a camp for a week and have my son, please let me know.  I will pay.  Also considering various school options.  If God wants it to happen, the right option will appear.

Working on:  Time with God.  Trying to focus on working on what He wants me to.

Accomplishments:  Doing this blog today.

Looking forward to:  Small group tonight, Kid's mentor coming today, lots of things....

Pic:  (from the garden)

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