Monday, July 18, 2011

Amy's Agenda

Last week I started Amy's Logbook.  I got the idea from Lisa..who did Lisa's Logbook.  It occurred to me that perhaps she thought of Logbook starts with L.  So I will do Amy's Agenda..until I come up with a better name.

Current Mood:  Not quite as peace filled as last week.  I'm a work in progress and apparently the work is a bit of a roller coaster.

Outside:  Last was hot!  This week.. REALLY hot!  And REALLY muggy.  Oppressive.  It's Michigan...I should enjoy it :)


Kid is: Apparently on a roller coaster as well.  Grumpies continue.  Yet today we had an amazing moment where I realized how important positive reinforcement is to him.

A giggle:
This is rough cut but worth a listen!  Funny stuff.

Something new: hmmm..  We have a new ring on the toilet.  It was leaking.

Something yummy:  Aarti's Banh Mi!  (See picture below.)

Blessings:  Well, I am blessed because I have an Abba Father that loves me.   I am blessed to have a husband that loves God, loves me and loves his family.

Reading:  Acts.  I am also reading a book about the life of Paul so trying to read along in the Bible at the same time.

Watching:  Well, I just bought the last episode of Lie To Me.  I liked that show and apparently it is not returning in the fall.  Oh well.  In a few minutes I will turn on Switched at Birth.  It is interesting because one of the girls in the shows is deaf.  We shall see how the hearing impaired / cochlear implant angle turns out...

Working on:  Eating healthier..and less.  

Accomplishments:  Keeping the kitchen and dining room clean..most days..but not right now.

Looking forward to:  Jewelry party tomorrow night.

Pic:  Banh Mi

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Penny said...

I love this. I need to do one for me, whether I publish it on my blog or not. I am hyper-aware of how dysregulated I am on certain days - now what to do with it? Journaling would probably help me through it.

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