Monday, July 25, 2011

Amy's Agenda July 25

Current Mood:  Faith filled.

Outside:  The breeze is divine.  There are over 30 small green grape tomatoes on ONE of my tomato plants.  The others have plenty as well!

Tunes:  I need a new hymn.  One to sing in the shower.  Love Holy Holy Holy but we need variety.  Any suggestions?

Kid is:  Tired.  He only slept 6 1/2 hours last night.  Maybe because it was cooler?  There is quite a bit of time that will be spent on screens today.

A Giggle:

Something New:
A few new recipes on my Settings of Silver blog.  Check it out :)

Blessings:  Thankful today for delicious food on the table....for having energy even though Andrew got up very early today...for numerous answered prayers....  I could go on.

Reading: Magazines for one!  I have them piling up and I really enjoy a few minutes in the backyard (or the bathroom) leafing through a Bon Appetit.  Also reading a Premier Design Jewelry catalog because I went to a was fun.  And I want to have my own party.  Interested?  Let me know.  Considering reading Heaven is for Real. It was suggested by a friend.  I downloaded the first chapter to the Kindle.  Has anyone read it?

Accomplishments:  The first thought that comes to mind here is that anything I have truly accomplished..I give all the glory to God.

Looking forward to:  Mom's night on Tuesday and Bible study on Wednesday.  And a good night's sleep tonight!


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Penny said...

New tune - this one's a new fav of mine, an update of a favorite hymn

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