Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Whispers from God...

Definition (according to Amy's dictionary):

Whis.per from God 
Verb: An active speaking from our Lord and Savior letting you know that He is there and active in your daily life.

I had three of these yesterday but sometime during the middle of the night, one of them got lost.  I have asked the Lord to bring it back to memory and at some point He will.

The first one was listening to Joyce Meyer which I had on the DVR.  The air date was 8/4/2011.  That is kind of funny because 4 and 8 are two of my favorite numbers.  I had a bit of OCD to those numbers when I was a kid but thankfully I have been healed of that.  (Praise the Lord!)  I think it is funny though that He kind of highlighted this for me with the numbers.   But I was listening...and Joyce was talking.  (Sometimes I talk back at her but that is another post..or maybe I'll just keep that private.)    Her audience was actually Grand Rapids Michigan.  And she was talking about how it can be hard in a bad financial climate but that we have to hold tight to the Lord.  I was doing dishes and just felt sad...thinking in my head..that's all nice Joyce but I have other issues.


Then Joyce says (paraphrase)... "God doesn't just give you strength in times of financial trouble."  (At that point I was figuring she'd say something else that didn't effect me presently.  I was not high in faith at that moment.)  "You might have a very difficult child.  Or a special needs child.  God will give you the strength you need to get through that day."  It was as if Joyce knew my mind.  And of course in a way she did because we are connected through the Holy Spirit.  AJ has been a bit more difficult than usual.  God knew WHEN I'd need to hear that message.  And at that EXACT moment, when I needed it most, I do honestly believe He arranged for me to hear those EXACT words.   It is not coincidence to me.

Looking for Joyce's teaching that I listened to?  Go to this page and scroll down to the 8/4/2011 broadcast.  I haven't listened to the 8/5 one but it is a continuation.  Honestly though, a different one might be a blessing to you.  So pray and let the Holy Spirit guide you.

My second whisper was a bit less dramatic but I still see God's hand at play.  I took a roast out of the freezer.  Roast in summer..blech.  But the gas it out on the grill, and I have much cow in freezer.  So I took it out a couple of days ago.  Yesterday I was going to put it in the crockpot but I didn't much feel like it and it was still partially frozen.  I have recently taken a facebook vacation and although I am trying not to fill that time with more cyberspace, I have been looking at long forgotten blogs that I really enjoyed.  I was looking at Only Sometimes Clever and found this really nice recipe for a Summer Slow Cooker Roast! I have most of the ingredients here at the house- although I will probably use some more fresh herbs.  I was suddenly excited about my roast!   I will blog what I do over on my Settings of Silver blog so stay tuned for that.  I do consider this just a small whisper that He cares about the little things.

I wish I could remember the third whisper.  I guess that will be it's own blog post at some point!

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