Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Amy's Agenda...August 2, 2011

Current Mood:  Expectant

Outside:  Muggy...very very muggy.  I think I will spend a few days at the Lake House ;)


Kid is:  Cranky.  Praying for improvement soon.  (Thus the expectant feeling.  I am hoping it gets btter soon.)

A Giggle:  Joel Osteen has a funny every week.  Here is one collection I found on youtube.

Something new:  A new ipod touch.  I heart amazon.   My gyroscope feature stopped working and they replaced it for free..no questions asked.  Old one goes back tomorrow.  Still considering that Iphone but it is that $30/month that is stopping me.

Blessings:  My sissy is in town!  I made more Magic Shell tonight.

Reading:  We just finished Henry and Beezus.  I have found books on tape to be wonderful for AJ.  I get both the CD and the book from the library and go to town.  Today I was on Amazon checking out the Audible books and perhaps may download an Audible and a Kindle book next.  I wish the Audibles were cheaper.  They don't give them away.

Accomplishments:  I am whittling away at organization.  I was flipping through some old photos.  About six months ago I pulled EVERYTHING from my desk and re-organized... yikes what happened?  I need a place for everything and everything in it's place.  Perhaps a friend will come help me organize and it will stay that way.  (A few of my friends who have known me a long time know that I get a different type of planner every year in hopes it will make me organized... it never seems to stick.)

Looking forward to:  A few days at the Lake House and perhaps a stop at the Children's Zoo on the way back.



The Mom with Brownies said...

Hi Amy,

We're in an organizing zone here too. Lots to do and not enough time in the day. :o)

Good luck with yours! :o)

Kellie said...

I love your Amy's Agenda posts -- neat idea!

Sorry for not responding sooner to your comment/question on my blog. I'd love to read about your book list, so by all means join the fun! And the picture of my book list was done on photoshop.

Have fun at your lake house. Sounds wonderful! This will be our first summer not to take a trip to Michigan since the kids were babies, so I'm very jealous of you right now. : )

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