Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ahhh... The possibilities

Well today I kept trying to drill and skill my kid in math.  He really does need it and it is time to do that; however, he also found his lego Star Wars watch he was given for Christmas.  We have worked for years on time.  The watch that he owns doesn't even have all the '5' markings on it.  But he knew exactly what time it was every time he looked.  But the fun part was that when he was counting down to the next minute he went, "YEA!!!  A new minute!"  5-4-3-2-1-0!  (He just did it again.)  Each minute brought new and fabulous opportunities!  How great is that!  You can drill and skill all day but a kid is going to get it when he gets it.  I wish I could look at each new minute that way.

And what was he looking forward to doing??  Going to the zoo?! no...  To the movies?? no... A playdate?  not that either...  He has wanted to clean the car for several days.  He says, "God has told us to clean the house and the car.  Everything but the basement."  I have to say that God has been telling me that too (although eventually I want to get to the basement.)

Only when you do RDI can you find the FUN in something like cleaning the car.  When you clean the car the 'RDI way' it is about the experience together.  Should we save or throw?  Does it need to be washed?  How long have these pennies been here anyway?  Do you think that we can try the taco sauce to clean those pennies?  (Well we only had ketchup on the car but we might try that too!)

We also took out his booster seat.  Perhaps we should have done that awhile ago but it kept him grounded but he was so excited.  We decided to take a drive (to get more ketchup packets) and while waiting in line at the drive through he says, "oh this is the life!"  I asked him for detail and he gave a rundown of a clean car, a new watch and no booster seat.  Sometimes it's the little things.

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The Glasers said...

I wish my kids were a little bit more thrilled about cleaning! It might inspire me! LOL

Way to go, Andrew!

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