Saturday, September 24, 2011

Livin' Large....

Big doin's tomorrow.  90th birthday party.  I dug out a two tier serving piece I had hidden away in the basement to help serve the mini muffins.  My sister in law has worked her buttocks off for this party.  And I can't wait.  AJ took one look at this on the counter and said....


He has a lot of words to say but he was totally blown away by my glass tray that my Grandma gave us for a wedding present.  So WHY do we keep this stuff tucked away in the basement?!  I am going to bake next week and put the goodies out on the tray.  I am going to see what else I have hidden in the depths of my cupboards.  I was just eyeing two crystal bowls on the high shelf of the kitchen because.."I never use them."  Well next week I shall!

Get out the good stuff folks and party down!  You don't have to wait for a 90th birthday party to do so!

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