Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lent - Ash Wednesday

What is Lent?  You can google it.  But many people give up something and I started asking God..what should I give up?  He did give me an answer which I will share at some point here but I came across a great quote today....

And I thought.. what if I gave up myself?  My old self.  The Bible says we do that when we become Christians but I think we spend a lifetime trying to find what that means.  And we can't even do THAT without Him.

I am going to try and blog for the 40 days.. but probably not every day... in the following link up.  So feel free to join!!!  I haven't blogged that much since Thanksgiving and I think it is time to get back in the swing.

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Trish @ A House Upon The Rock said...

Oh...to give up self! I haven't written about it, but that is similar to what I feel the Lord is asking of me this season.

So glad to have you aboard...and I completely understand about not posting much, this is just the thing I need too!


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