Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lent- Worship Style

I have been to many different worship styles in my life... Catholic, contemporary, pentecostal..  Recently I have have been part of worship services that are more reflective and contemplative.  Last summer I went to Capuchin Retreat center twice to do a day 'semi-silent' retreat and it was wonderful.  If I have an opportunity to do this over Lent I want to do that.  It is a great way to center yourself on God.  Although the day retreats were only six hours, I could see myself going there for a whole weekend if I could get away with it.  This is not my usual self however; I love the 'ladies retreats' where lots of talk gets done.  But stepping out into this something different really blessed me.

This is just one of the pictures I took from that day.  I like to look at it because for me it is reflective of what Lent is about.. it is about getting with God and seeing what he has for you.  Filling up on him.  Reflecting on his grace.

On Ash Wednesday, the church I have been going to did a service in the Taize style of worship and it was lovely.  It was about getting quiet with God.  You can google Taize yourself to find out the background but think candles, repetitive songs, reading and silence.  This is something you could easily do on your own as well over the Lenten season.  

There is no one way to worship God.  Ask Him how He might speak to you this season.  Perhaps, if he leads you, try a new style of worship or prayer.  Sometimes just getting out of the rut helps you hear him a different way.  

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Debbie said...

Love this post and the picture, Amy! Last night during our service, Pastor Steve shared the meaning of covenant and contrasted it to Old Testament covenants and sacrifices and the New Covenant through Christ,
and then explained the significance of "breaking" bread during communion. It is impossible for me to do that explanation justice here, but the Father made a way for us--a path to Him--through the sacrifice of Jesus. The path in this picture is beautiful and a reminder of that path that He made for us. Thanks for sharing your heart here on your blog.

Trish @ A House Upon The Rock said...

What a wonderful thought...I will definitely plan to "get away" for silence some time during this season.

Thank you for sharing with us,


The Glasers said...

I enjoy the music style of Taize. We used to sing it in Minnesota!

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