Friday, February 24, 2012

Lent... What should I give up?

So whatcha giving up?

As I sat with God one morning this week over a cup of coffee, I asked him what I should give up for Lent, if anything.  And I really tried to listen...

I will get back to listening and how that works for me on a later post.

But I listened and I really thought he said..I care about the relationship.   

This isn't to say that giving up something isn't important.  Because God continued... I want you to come to me each day and ask me what I want for that day.

I love that because it says the journey will be ongoing.  

I wrote the above several days ago and God has been faithful to tell me each day what he'd like me to do.   I will likely share a few of these with you over the journey.  

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The Glasers said...

Yes! Sometimes I feel held hostage by the expectations of having to give up something for lent. Giving up something doesn't guarantee a closer relationship to God. It can. For example, suppose you are fasting and every time your stomach growls you draw closer to
God. Or, you might give up Facebook and spend that time with God. But, if it's just giving up diet coke and substituting coca-cola instead, what does that mean?

We are doing Beth Moore's psalms of ascent and it happens to be during lent. God's timing is perfect. :-)

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